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Li Baohua, executive vice mayor of Shouguang, came to our company to inspect and guide safety production

On the afternoon of August 20, Li Baohua, the executive deputy mayor of Shouguang City, accompanied by relevant leaders such as the Shouguang City Safety Supervision Bureau and the Yangkou Town Safety Supervision Office, came to our company to inspect and guide the safety production work. Wang Jiayong, chairman of the company, and Zhao Qingfeng, director of the biotechnology department in charge of safety and environmental protection, accompanied the inspection.

During the inspection, Li Baohua pointed out that the responsibility for safe production is heavier than Mount Tai. First, the alarm bell should be kept ringing, and various measures should be implemented. Second, the responsibility should be fulfilled and a joint force should be formed to ensure that safety work is carried out from top to bottom. Some people are in charge, and safety work must be implemented.